Place Mat

Our selection of placemats ranges from a sophisticated lace, seasonal and oriental style where the east meet the west.

There are four series of Japanese woven design patterns such as Garden (Niwa),Flower (Hana),Checker (Kooshi) and Marquetry (Yosegi). A placemat makes your dining table an attractive setting for your dinner guest. Durable easy care woven placemats simply rinse clean.

approx. 35㎝ X 48㎝

Flower (Hana)

Flower (Hana) series of refine retro-modern design in four beautiful colours blending in to both a Western or Oriental interior.

Checker (Koshi)

The woven designed place mats are called the checker (Kooshi) series.The chic appearance inspires a refine and extra ambience to your dining room.

Marquetry (Yosegi)

The marquetry (Yosegi) motif has four colours, Black, Brown, Purple and Beige.A stylish place mat representing a Zen atmosphere in the room.

approx. 30㎝ X 45㎝

Square (Masu)

“MASU” series is with the image of square measure that is from ancient times in Japan. Modified modern design to suit the wenstern tableware or Japanese tableware will produce calm atmostphere.

Ivy (Tsuta)

“TSUTA” series of delicate design with the motif of arabesque that is said good luck.It will produce the atmostphere to feel somewhere nostalgia.

Leaf (Konoha)

“KONOHA” series will produce soft and delicate atmosphere. Image of leaft drifting in the mat will gently embrace dining table.

Cloud (Kumo)

“KUMO” seies features an attractive texture.Color is 5-color with vivid contrast. Vitamin color will charge enagy and idea to enjoy table coodination.

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