Dia Lace

Dia Lace has a great flexibility to coordinate your room with its refine and elegant touch.

Family meeting for coffee time or a dinner event at your home can be enjoyed with a beautiful table setting . For your garden parties the PVC tablecloth is ideal, because of its drainage characteristic.

Adding our own design on the original textile lace with a history going back to China and ancient Europe, [Dia Lace]is a reproduction of genuine textile lace with its refine and excellent pattern and became a popular brand name.

We produce lace using PE, PP and EVA besides PVC.Contact for more details.

Long lace

Because of its broad flat stripe shape, a long lace covers a table running lengthwise.

Wide-long lace

Adjusting the length by easy cutting, you can cover a table of any length.


Enjoy with a beautiful table setting with a lace tablecloth.

Table Center

A center can be used as under pot-plants, an aquarium or in your kitchen/dining.

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