May 1971 Towa Kasei Kogyo established
(Manufacturing of PVC lace, special laser dye processing and PVC industrial materials)
April 1972 Built new Moriyama Plant in Moriyama-ku, Nagoya
January 1974 New head office and plant built in Kita-ku, Nagoya. Head office operation relocated to new site.
February 1974 Reorganized as an incorporated entity. (exported dve-technology expertise to Taiwan)
April 1976 Established new divisions for automotive-use industrial materials and for household-use mats.
February 1979 Built komaki Plant and expanded facilities
May 1984 Built new work area, warehouse, and Head Office administrative office on land adjacent to the Komaki Plant; relocated head Office operations and consolidated plant operations.
May 1988 Developed lace multicolor printing technology.
May 1991 Developed and started distribution of coil mats
April 1994 Developed two-tone mats
August 1995 Developed forming technology of static restrain coil mats
September 1996 Developed forming technology of algae prevention coil mats
March 1997 Developed multicolor printing technology for lace on concavity area
March 1998 Developed forming technology for lace with non-PVC material
May 2003

Developed multicolor printing technology for non-PVC material lace

Developed technology to inser a logo on coil mats
June 2003

Developed forming technology for gasoline and cutting oil proof mats.

Developed forming technology for dioxin control mats.
January 2005 Convert private limited company to joint-stock corporation.
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