Specialty of Towa

Towa's quality

The brand name Towa, made in Japan

All our Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) goods are made in Japan from our own technology unlike many of the PVC products made in South Eastern countries because of its lower labour cost. Our products, which are given a high quality and design are respected by customers domestic and abroad. Therefore we are proud of Towa's brand name.

Picture : lace

Unrivaled patents

Patents of Towa

PVC tablecloth and table center:

Polyolefin tablecloth and table center:

PVC mat for indoor and outdoor.

Polyolefin anti-slip sheet to underlay tablecloth and mat

Reproduction by synthetic resin (PVC) alike genuine textile lace

Similar to a fine and delicately woven original textile lace, Dia lace has been reproduced by synthetic resin (PVC) by our technology. Dia lace looks transparent through meshes of a textile lace unlike a vinyl sheet and it covers a table brilliantly and gives a cozy atmosphere to the home interior.

Picture : lace
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