Dia Mat

Safety and comfort, the mat will pamper your feet

Various types of mat made by polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) have wide application such as on the balcony, commercial corridor at the high street, child playground and swimming poolside etc. Safety durability and comfort are the key values of the elegant Dia Mat.

D&N Mat

D&N Mat ensures durability, high resiliency and intercepts dirt and moisture spreading into the building.

Oil Free Mat

Oil Free Mat has been developed with a unique technology to avoid a slip accident on an oily floor.

Dia Mat(AM/AH)

A anti-slip layer has a strong grip effect for your feet. The mat has multiple colour selection.

Super Duspit (standard)

Incredibly strong and tough mat for heavy traffic. The open space of structure ensures easy cleaning.

D&N Parallel

Entangled two colour spiral vinyl filaments have highly resiliency and effective dirt scraper. D&N Parallel, durable ware, can be put both inside and outside of the building.

Dia Grid

Attractive and comfortable Dia Grid has a slip resistant grid pattern.

AL Mat

AL Mat is watertight, soundproof, fire retardant and it has a multiple purpose in homes and commercial places such as shops and elevators.

Super Duspit (soft)

Laterally curved PVC flat strip makes drainage and allows carts and wheels to roll on.

Dia Mat(CN/AS)

Spaghetti like vinyl loop CN type can be used as a filter and AS type is light and pliable anti-slip mat easy to install.

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